No Admin. No Stress. Just Organisation Everyday

Ever heard of a Virtual Assistant? I am pretty sure you have by now. There used to be a time where the word Virtual Assistant confused many people and it was not something that a business owner even knew they needed. The world has taken a massive turn, especially since the onset of the latest COVID19 crisis. Many companies prior COVID19 realised that the costs of hiring a Virtual Assistant, as opposed to a Personal Assistant based in their offices, turned out to be so much more productive and cost effective. A Virtual Assistant only charges for the services delivered for the business. There are zero other costs to consider. All costs of hiring an employee do not apply to utilising a Virtual Assistant for your business. What a bonus, you get your business admin needs taken care of and pay a percentage of what you would to a full-time employee. But what can a Virtual Assistant actually do for you? Let’s find out …

Firstly, Save Your Life

Ok, so that sounds a bit dramatic, but the truth of the matter is that you literally do not know what a Virtual Assistant can do for you, until you hire her. You can pretty much delegate your entire admin processes over to her, letting her deal with the entire administrative function for you. This will save you a ton of time that you would have originally spent on back-end processes to actually focus on the absolute key aspects of your business.

A Virtual Assistant Doesn’t Just Stop at Admin

Did you know that a Virtual Assistant can offer an extensive range of services other than administration that can seriously get your business brand out there? Some of these services are social media, social media content planning and posting, audience engagement. She can follow up on clients, get in touch with new clients and get leads for your business. It is always a good idea to enquire with your VA as to what services she can do additional.

Why Back-End Processes Can Make or Break Your Business

When a business operates with no strategy, no processes and no systems in place, things can go horribly wrong. Let’s take for instance your clients. If they do not receive their invoices on time or products and services are not delivered in time, because you are trying to manage the entire process on your own, this could lead to a massive break down in your business reputation. It is a widely known fact that your customers are key and number one. Your Virtual Assistant can keep you on track, she can prompt you about meetings and remind you of important milestones and deadlines. The entire process in your business should be built and modelled around being the best you can possibly be for them. This means that you can manage the client relationships, while your Virtual Assistant manages absolutely everything else.

For a full list of services that a Virtual Assistant can offer you, check out my services list here .