Discover the Secrets Behind Using a VA

So you have hired a Virtual Assistant for your business, because you knew that this was the best course of action to take, so that you can start delegating your admin tasks and find some relief in your workload … but you are finding that things are not going as well as you thought. You are not sure what to delegate, how to delegate or how to communicate with your Virtual Assistant, since everything gets done online and not in an office face-to-face! Here’s the thing, there is truly specific keys to utilising your Virtual Assistant in the best way possible, to ensure that your work is done and that your business is run efficiently and as streamlined as possible. Read on to find out the most important secrets to getting the best out of your new hire.


Many clients jump right in with a Virtual Assistant and often times skip the induction and training process. The consequences of bypassing this necessary step, is that confusion starts arising in tasks that the Virtual Assistant needs to carry out and the way they are carried out. This may lead to unnecessary delay in work and deadlines being met. As soon as you have hired your Virtual Assistant this should be the first action that gets taken. All that is required is an hour and a half of your time to take her through all the tasks that will become her responsibility, and how you prefer things to be done. Your Virtual Assistant is bound to have ideas and suggestions to aid the process.

Communication Is Always Key

When working in an office with a Personal Assistant, communication is always simpler. However, many clients do not realise that communicating with a Virtual Assistant can actually be a very pleasant experience. From the outset, it is a good idea to let her know from the beginning how you prefer to answer questions or have catch-up sessions. Whether you prefer email, text, phone or by or Skype. This way your Virtual Assistant will always know how to communicate tasks and help needed through to you.

Joint Systems and Processes

You may have a few systems and processes of your own and if this is the case, great! These need to be shared with your Virtual Assistant right from the start! If there is a specialised program that you would like her to work on, it would be highly advisable to train her properly on this system. If you do not have any systems or processes in place, do not fear! Any good Virtual Assistant should come armed with a list of various programs that can be jointly used and managed. Such as DropBox for file sharing, WaveApps for invoicing, Asana for task management, the list truly goes on. Your Virtual Assistant can help you put processes into place that may not even be there, making your life as a business owner so much more manageable and streamlined.


Your Virtual Assistant should provide you with a contract from the outset. This contract will be crucial to work together, knowing that all expectations for both parties have been laid out in a document that is signed by both parties. Even further should your Virtual Assistant not provide you with a Non-disclosure agreement, it will be advisable to request one from her. This will be very important to ensure that your company and business information is always safe and secure in her hands.

Payment Terms

Payment terms should be discussed and confirmed on the first discovery call or just after. Usually a Virtual Assistant charges up front, this is to protect her before the work gets started. If you have any payment requests or preferences, this should be discussed on the initial discovery call.

Weekly Briefings & Check-ins

Scheduling a weekly briefing or check-in call with your Virtual Assistant at the start of the week, is a great idea to brief her on exactly what needs to be done for the week ahead, so that she understands what is vital for that week. This is also a chance to ask you any questions she may have on this call, so as to avoid any disruptions during the week. 

Need a Virtual Assistant?

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